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Tuesday Tidbit: Dressing to impress.

1 Mar

I always find it vaguely surprising when people show up in things like ratty sweatpants or pajama pants. I realize that it is a community college, but I try not to leave the house looking too terrible. My fall back outfit is a fitted fleece sweatshirt that I got on sale for about $5, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and a clean walking/running shoes of some kind. Whenever I go out like that, I always try to make sure that my hair looks good, and I am wearing a bit of makeup.


Because I have met people who I never would have guessed I would meet while out and about. Even if you don’t think that you are going to see anyone, you should prepare for it.

My classmates sometimes disgust me, because they put forth no effort whatsoever. I’m not asking for them to spend a lot of money, but for them to put an effort in. These are the instructors that are going to be giving you a recommendation for the next step. Wearing worn-out spongebob pajama pants and a torn up sweatshirt while playing WoW isn’t going to impress them.

Maybe I take it too seriously, but I recently interviewed for a position at my gym, in an area that I never work out in/go near. The woman interviewing me recognized me, and said that she had seen me a few times before, working out. She said two or three times throughout the course of the interview that I am very regal, and that is what she thought when she saw me working out. I wear Target workout gear. Trust me, I’m not trying to impress.

But I always put my hair in a neat ponytail or braid, and I come in after class, so I have a bit of makeup on. Just enough to say that I realize that I am in public, and in view.

I would much rather be overdressed than underdressed if I have an impromptu meeting.


How to live well on a less than awesome budget.

21 Feb

This will probably be a two or three part post, because I have a lot of info and very little time (yay university applications!)

Recently I pulled my iPad out when I was in class, and one of my classmates kind of snorted and said “Must be nice.” I asked for an explanation. He said that it must be nice to have everything that I have, to have that sort of financial freedom. I just smiled and let it go, but I found it vaguely amusing.

See, I’m a student, fully self-supported and unfortunately unemployed. I’m paying car insurance for an old Mercedes, I’ve paid for all of my clothing, and I have paid for all of my technology. I also have a latte twice a week and have a gym membership. Not a fantastically high life, but to him, it was nicer than the average college student’s life.

My family lives in a trailer park. I contribute financially to them as well. I do not live off of my parents.

The number one most important thing:

Personal responsibility.

You cannot blame your situation on someone else and expect to do well. Ultimately, we have to decide to move beyond what has been done to us, and choose how we are going to live. Whining about how you weren’t born with money/looks isn’t going to make you more wealthy or attractive. It will make you seem obnoxious and pathetic.

Number two:

Limited pride

I have worked in management and I have worked as a waitress. Carry yourself the same way at whether you are CEO of a global power or you are taking orders at your local McDonalds. A positive, graceful attitude that is consistent is the most powerful, appealing quality. When you start looking at the world with an elitist attitude, you start to lose accessibility, and you become far less attractive. I would much rather work with or hire someone who is sure of their abilities, but humble.

I have class with this kid who thinks that he is god’s gift to humanity — that he is a visionary, that he is too smart for everyone. He is also constantly complaining about how he gets death threats and no one likes him/wants to date him. Trust me, if you are that great of a person, people will like you and want you. “Visionary” is not synonymous with “asshole.”