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Tuesday Tidbit: Dressing to impress.

1 Mar

I always find it vaguely surprising when people show up in things like ratty sweatpants or pajama pants. I realize that it is a community college, but I try not to leave the house looking too terrible. My fall back outfit is a fitted fleece sweatshirt that I got on sale for about $5, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and a clean walking/running shoes of some kind. Whenever I go out like that, I always try to make sure that my hair looks good, and I am wearing a bit of makeup.


Because I have met people who I never would have guessed I would meet while out and about. Even if you don’t think that you are going to see anyone, you should prepare for it.

My classmates sometimes disgust me, because they put forth no effort whatsoever. I’m not asking for them to spend a lot of money, but for them to put an effort in. These are the instructors that are going to be giving you a recommendation for the next step. Wearing worn-out spongebob pajama pants and a torn up sweatshirt while playing WoW isn’t going to impress them.

Maybe I take it too seriously, but I recently interviewed for a position at my gym, in an area that I never work out in/go near. The woman interviewing me recognized me, and said that she had seen me a few times before, working out. She said two or three times throughout the course of the interview that I am very regal, and that is what she thought when she saw me working out. I wear Target workout gear. Trust me, I’m not trying to impress.

But I always put my hair in a neat ponytail or braid, and I come in after class, so I have a bit of makeup on. Just enough to say that I realize that I am in public, and in view.

I would much rather be overdressed than underdressed if I have an impromptu meeting.


L’oreal Feria: A quick way to fry your hair. (A product review.)

11 Jan

Image from Walgreens

I recently purchased L’oreal Feria boxed dye from my local Walmart, because I was looking for a more blue-based black, and my local Sally’s didn’t have anything in stock. I bought Feria in “Starry Night” and followed the directions exactly. It fried my hair to a crisp. I mean, crunchy, dry, and frizzy. I used the conditioner that came with the dye, and yes, it made my hair soft, but damaged hair can be soft.

Let me give you some hair backstory:

I dye my hair every 4-6 weeks. I use a 20 volume developer, and I was using Clairol Black from Sally’s. Other than that, I rarely use heat tools, I only wash it every other day at most, and I coat it in coconut oil before washing it. My hair is babied, and was not damaged beforehand. In fact, I went in to have a trim a month or so ago, and the stylist mentioned how healthy my hair was.

The color was fantastic, I must admit. It truly is glossy and multi-dimensional, at least for the first two weeks. It is also frizzy, and tangle/breakage prone.

I truly wish that I could recommend this product to others, because the idea of it is fantastic, but I have to give this one out of five stars, and that one star only because the conditioner was pretty good. The dye itself was fairly bad smelling as well, although I am not overly sensitive.

I will not buy this product again, and I would not recommend it to anyone else.

Tangle Teezer: A product review.

30 Dec

I went in to my local Sally’s today, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they now carry Tangle Teezers.

I’ve been looking at buying one for a long time, but I didn’t really want to go through the hassle of ordering one online and waiting for it to ship.

Basically, a Tangle Teezer is a plastic, handless brush with stiff plastic bristles. What makes this product different than everything else is that it goes through the hair, removing all tangles, with zero pain. Literally, none whatsoever.

I had read a bunch of other  reviews elsewhere, and most of them said that it was a miracle brush. It is. I am actually rather surprised by it, and I wish that I had ordered one sooner.

I was the first person to have bought the Teezer from the store I went to, and it wasn’t all that surprising. This product is not as popular in the U.S.  as it is overseas, and I never would have heard of it if it weren’t for the Long Hair Community.

Frankly, I don’t think it is the most beautiful product ever, but I will probably end up getting the cuter purse-size one for my purse and gym bag, and leave the black one at home. The plastic makes it seem flimsy, and the sound of it going through the hair is almost terrifying, but it doesn’t seem to cause any breakage whatsoever, which makes me very happy.

I think that it was worth the price $9.49, although some may find it steep. I will definitely use this brush for the next several months, and keep everyone updated as to my results.

Basically, this product gets 5 out of 5 points for efficiency (does what it says it will, is basically the god of brushes) but 2.5 out of 5 for aesthetics (not very attractive, awkward shape, lack of handle, although a handled brush probably causes more damage.)